Away We Go!

It took less than six months from the time Paula moved out to Vegas in 1995 for us to book our first Girls Weekend tickets to Chicago.  In a short amount of time our lives had changed exponentially, and we had so much fun reconnecting that first weekend.  Sitting in the lounge at the Marriott Hotel making fun of other people on the dance floor laughing and catching up, that we realized that our friendship was more than enough to have a good time.

We must’ve grown up that weekend.

Since then we know that regardless of what beautiful location we are in, it’s about four friends enjoying each other’s company.

That’s the magic formula.


The Story of Girls Weekend: states

During the years where we were getting married and settling down, three of us girls began to look outside of New York to find homes and begin new lives. MB was first; she had been down in VA for awhile but chose Florida as the place to settle and start her family. She is still the only person I know who is cold. Constantly. In Florida. (Penny and I went to college close to the Canadian border. I can’t even wrap my head around that…)

Days after her wedding, Paula and her new husband headed west to Vegas. She and Penny made the almost week long trip (a mini GW if you will) cross country in Paula’s Honda. The journal they kept along the way documents how they spent their time vacillating between hysterical laughter and killing each other. It was awesome…

Penny was next, though she stayed in New York long enough to take the plane with me to the first girls weekend in Chicago. Her parents had already settled on the Gulf Coast of Florida and after the birth of her daughter, she and her hubby packed up their home on Long Island and headed for Tarpon Springs.

I chose to stay in New York. My family was here and I couldn’t imagine myself living else; I need to know that I am close to Manhattan and the beach at all times. Though it was difficult to watch my best friends leave, I wasn’t devastated. Maybe on some level I just knew we would always be friends. This of course came true because after her first year in Vegas, Paula suggested we have a Girls Weekend.

The rest is history.

I don’t think you need a reason to have a Girls Weekend other than to simply enjoy time with your best friends but being able to stay in contact with your closest friends ranks highly in my book. If you and your besties are apart, now is the time to grab your girls and go.

You don’t need a million dollar weekend; you need to have fun.

Have you ever had a Girls Weekend? Let us know in the comments and tell us where you went!

The Story of Girls Weekend: Kelly

Then there’s me in NY where it all began years ago. I remember sitting by the pool at the J.W. Marriott in Austin, TX asking my best friends, “what do you think if we go public with our Girls Weekends? We’ve been doing this for so long now and and we’ve always known we have something special…do you guys think other women would want to hear about it too?” Immediately they all said “yes!” We spent that morning swimming and talking about what our blog would be like. We were so excited, that as soon as I got home I started a blog (not WordPress at first and more on that later), took an online course (Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging) and haven’t looked back since.

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The Story of Girls Weekend: Paula

Girls Weekend would not exist without Paula who came up with the amazing idea back in 1996. Over the years, she has had to repeatedly do the following to make GW happen because the rest of us are basically lazy sacks of 💩:

  • Find a hotel
  • Book the hotel
  • Check out flights for us
  • Call us to book our flights
  • Check that we’ve booked the proper flights (we cannot be trusted, i.e. the Portland ME vs. Portland OR weekend)
  • Rent cars
  • Create itineraries for GW
  • Talk to the front desk when we have questions (we cannot be trusted)
  • Figure out the bill at restaurants (we should never be trusted)

Thank you Foosie – we would never have done it without you…xo

The Story of Girls Weekend : Pen & MB

These two have shared the state of Florida for many years now. They get to visit on holidays, weekends and their kids know each other well. They bicker like an old couple; Paula referred to them as “the Bickersons” on our trip to Portland this year. Pen and I are usually up before 6am, so each Girls Weekend we get coffee and catch up while the other two snooze a bit longer. I live for those mornings. MB is our tarot reader and yoga expert; she keeps our energy on track. After all these years we still borrow her father’s car when we’re in the area. Some things never change…that’s just how it is with friends.

Long ago…

It began in middle school: Penny and Paula went to elementary school, took dance classes together, and were already the best of friends. I met MB in English class but we didn’t click right away; it took until 9th grade to figure out we would be besties. Penny and I had gym in 7th grade and I thought she had a rockin’ fro for a white chick, plus she had an older brother in high school so she was mad cool. She thought I was weird because I sang in the locker room. I had homeroom with Paula in 8th grade where we politely smiled at one another until became closer in Spanish class (that’s another story). I admired her courage coming to school dressed as a Smurf (yep…blue face and all) on Halloween.

By the time we hit 9th grade, we had classes together, hung out at lunch and skated at the Commack Roller Rink every Friday.